did I ever tell you guys the story of how I bought a portable charger to take to the concert…… the problem was I did not know you needed your charger wire I thought you just needed the one it came with (now I know that’s the one to charge the portable charger not the one to charge your phone)……so I basically had it prepared for nothing and my phone died right at the end of the concert…..good thing a couple armys let me use their phones and chargers, I’m forever grateful……

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We need to talk THE talk. Seriously…

There should be more awareness about mental health. It’s as deadly as any other physical illness. Just because people are not bleeding on the outside doesn’t mean they are not tumbling down inside. 

Society made it look like being mentally ill is being crazy, rude and lazy…That’s why people who are suffering from it most of the time hide it. And even if they end up gathering their courage to speak up. Some fool talks nonsense and say “Just go out, it will be fine afterward” or “You are still young/too old for this all of these concerns you have are trivial” or “It’s all in your mind” or “You are so dramatic” or even “You are fine compared to many”. NO! even the slightest pain is still pain. If you are hurting, talk to someone.

I always explain things like depression as having an enemy that lives in your brain. A hater that knows you better than anyone because he is you. He lives there and 24/7 he speaks ill of you. And 24/7 you can’t run away. I know it’s hard to understand something you never had. But be wise with your words even online. You never know how fragile is a soul. 

I was myself bullied by big blogs in this community I am in, while I was suffering from *insert mental illness* I apologized for the mistakes I have done and errors I was accused of. but these people just needed someone to hate on. I was called names and given pain as a drink. No one is perfect so why did they expect me to be? Why do you all talk like you never committed a sin and act like you are some lawmaker? It’s so easy to play a game of many against one. It’s so simple to make one the bad guy and put on fake wings and act like angels. What if that person you hated on wasn’t evil? What if you were wrong? I know your pride will not make you apologize yet let me remind you if someone dies you will be the same as a criminal. If I died that night, YOU ALL WOULD HAVE BEEN MURDERERS. And only then you will say “Why are they dead? Such a beautiful soul. May they rest in peace”. Hypocrites are sometimes worst than sociopaths.  

Let’s be more merciful with one another. Let’s learn to forgive and forget. Let’s just be kinder. And if you know someone who is mentally ill. be there for them. It might seem like nothing to you, but I promise you it means the world to them. 

If any of you need someone, I am here.

Find international suicide hotlines HERE

191013 Yoongi’s Tweet


지민아 생일 축하한다 올해는 많이 먹고 키 쑥쑥 크길 바라 #슈가형이야 #지민생일ㅊㅋ #여기는아직생일아님 #한국은12시지났으니까

Jimin-ah, Happy Birthday. This year, I hope that you eat a lot and grow taller #It’sSugaHyung #HappyBdayJimin #It’sNotYourBirthdayHereYet #ButSinceIt’sPast12amInKorea

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BTS by now have their own luxurious apartments. But they decided to live in one home. What’s even surprising is that these two share one room. And it has been the case for years. But why?


Hoseok always cherished Jimin. During an interview with Japanese magazine Exile, J-Hope and Jimin had a chance to speak about each other again, but this time as roommates. Hobi said, “Jimin is very cute. He’s always so cute. He’s the kind of person born with a natural cuteness. And even though he’s younger than me, he sometimes acts like a dependable older brother, which is another charming side of him.”


Jhope added “We’ve been roommates for a long time now, and I think there’s a reason we’ve been able to stay together for so long,” J-Hope said “We naturally try to give way to the other and we can rely on each other. I’m the older one and Jimin really does listen to me well. We don’t usually say this to each other face-to-face, but I’m always grateful to him.”


Jimin said he’s most grateful for J-Hope’s sleeping habits: he falls asleep “instantly” when he gets into bed. which let Jimin stay up all night not worrying about waking him up.


We always talk about how Jimin and Taehyung are soulmates. Or how Hoseok and Yoongi have that unbreakable bond. But what about Jimin and Hoseok?


The way they love each other is beyond this world.


Hosoek is the type to express his love openly.


That’s why you will find him trying to sniff Jimin’s head for no reason or willing to even kiss him.


Jimin on the other hand even though he plays it shy. He will go and sleep on top of Jhope in front cameras. 


Some people try to build a wall between Jimin and Jhope and make them compete against one another. Because they are both exceptional dancers. Little do they know that these brothers see each other as inspiration and motivation rather than rivals. 

These are the lovely forever roommates of BTS. Please love and support them for a very long time. And don’t be saddened if they ever stop being together. Because the memories one share stay forever.

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