I introduced my male cousin to BTS yesterday. He literally said “I am trying to find something bad to say but everything is perfect. The music is good. The choreo is F*cking great and they even look good. But what makes me mad the most is the fact that they have great hair, fashion and personalities. I hate how I never heard of them. How the hell did I manage to miss THIS.” I think he just entered the rabbit hole hahaha.

btw Coco who was in another room came in running with my sis as soon as they heard BTS’ music lol. Such an ARMY move.


[DIARY] I met my lovely purple dork!

Day 1: The meeting of two dorks

Coco came from another country to meet me. Yes my worthless self was given some worth. Just kidding I am worth like a bar of chocolate…you can literally buy me with that. Why you say? When I asked her she said “My mimi is the best, so it is only natural to fly to see her”. I was like “My potato self turned into french fries thanks to you” I went to the airport to get her. Normally when you search for someone you see their faces. I was looking for a purple head with a purple suitcase who will scream as soon as she sees me “I purple you”. The plane was late by one hour. Basically they had coffee with seagulls in the sky or something. There is no other explination that comes to my mind. In the road back to my home, we set in the back of the car and talked with sparkles in our eyes. I haven’t been that excited to meet another human in a long time. My family was very happy to see her. It is like a new daughter was born. We had tea and cookies before having a delicious dinner that she enjoyed. I found out that I eat in 3 minutes and she eats in 30 minutes. I should really follow her example. That night we slept side by side in the same bed while our legs touched. It was reassuring having another human that shares platonic love with you. But we literally woke up at 4 am just to go to the bafhroom…we had too much tea.

How BTS made two internet friends from two dif…

I know you have heard it before, Internet friends are meant to stay just what they are. In a virtual world. Far away. In a virtual place. You never know who you are really talking to. BUT what if that internet friend became the person you talk to the most each day. The person that knows your deepest secrets and worries. The person that knows you best. What if the passion of one group. The love of 7 boys is able to bring together two far away souls whose hearts beat for BTS. This is my story and how I met my actual best friend who traveled from a country to another just to meet my dorky self.

It all started from a post I made to know better my dear followers. YES! she follows this modest blog. At first, she was shy to talk to me, especially that English is not what she is comfortable using. We found out later that we both speak French so we used that instead. She is very introverted. I am very extroverted. Somehow these two different worlds merged into a beautiful universe thanks to the simple fact of both being ARMYs. 

We started talking almost every day. I called her whenever I could and thought of her first when I wanted to share my daily stories. This wonderous friendship didn’t get built overnight. It took us a year to start revealing more and more of ourselves. It became easy to open up and say what I only said to very few people in my life. 

She sent me a message one day and she said: “Do you mind if I come to your country”. She wasn’t the kind to joke around (Contrary to me) so I knew the sentence translated to something like “I CAN 100% COME TO SEE YOU, MY FRIEND”. I literally jumped out of my bed and called her ASAP. Two weeks later, she is lying down on my bed while I am typing these lines.

I just wanna tell you something. Yes, it’s hard to call an internet friend a real friend. But just so you know. If both you make the effort to know more about the other person. If you are truthful and honest. Beautiful things are meant to happen. Today I held in my arms my dearest to which the best I could do was send a heart emoji to. A big thanks are also given to BTS. These 7 gems changed my life for the better and made me meet people that are so kind and so loving, that sugar will be jealous of their sweetness. 

Today I met one of you my dear followers. But in my heart we all meet whenever I make a post. So right now too, I am meeting you. Welcome in^^

BTW my dear friend is @mahwdichette <3 please treat her well^^

If I ever disappear…

I just want to say a huge ‘Thank You’. I might not know each of you personally but this blog gave me more than I thought. Yes, there were hard times but there were also good times so at the end they were all precious times. This blog helped me make friends. This blog changed me to become a better person. This blog helped me meet people from all countries, races, religions, genders…It helped me grow. I made a lot of mistakes but learned from them. I was loved and accepted the way I am. When I say ‘I love you’, I promise you that I don’t type it lightly but scream it loudly but gently from the heart. You all made my stay in the fandom a marvelous adventure. I never thought I would someday make a blog. I never thought people will follow me. I never thought…I will be missed if I go by someone other than my family and a few friends. Dear, you might know me but just because I don’t know you personally doesn’t mean that I don’t know you exist. I know that you are breathing and I wish each day that life will treat you well and if it doesn’t don’t give up but fight. Because you are not alone. 

If I ever disappear, I am sorry I couldn’t stay longer. Just know I never choose to go but they wanted me gone. 

I purple you^^
Your Mimi



You somehow either saw a cute boy from the seven or heard a song and was like I can jam to that. Then committed the error of searching them on youtube and spent the rest of the night on moments of BTS being dorks just to fall in love. Or maybe a friend of you aka either your savior or your butcher talked to you about them and you said: “You know what maybe I can for the sake of this friendship accept them a bit”. OOOOR you were a total jerk and thought that no way in 100 years you will give these 7 guys a chance because you only listen to very refined mainstream music that plays 165546 times on the radio and sing 99% about butts or some kind of music that your ancestors liked or maybe some music so unique that you think you the sh*t but hey! jokes on you, you took the bait and now you are in the tank. 


You forgot what something like your old music sounds like. You start saying ‘hi’ in Korean and call your crush ‘Oppa’ before someone calls you Koreaboo and you think that means ‘Cool kid’ until you google it and realize that you weren’t doing things right. In a more vulgar language, you f*cked up. But you see clips of Run BTS and don’t know where they come from. You see updates and you don’t know where they come from. You see new songs and you still don’t know where all that freaking THING comes from. You feel left out in the desert or in the middle of the sea where a whole universe is under you waiting to be discovered. 


We all pass by this stage even though many want to deny it. You start by planning your wedding in your mind to one or a couple of members. You think if you ever met them you will TOTALLY be Y/N. You are lost, you thought at the start that you liked one but now they are all cute. You know them by their voices. No no no, you can know them by their shadows. Even if they covered their faces you will tell them apart. Why? Because now you are obsessed with something called BTS. You play their songs non stop. You fight others in the name of your babies. YES! because you adopted them. You might have never dreamed of people you are close with but once you dream of BTS, you wish you never woke up. 


You know your sources, you created a Twitter or something just for BTS. You know where to vote. You know how to fight and win or just ignore and win yet again. If BTS visited your country, you for sure went or tried to. You are either rich rich then you have all the merch or broke broke and own NADA. You might have even gone to another country just for them. You call the members by their real names and even make nicknames for them. You realized that men like BTS were only created 7 times in this day and age. You might be single, in a relationship or married but BTS comes first. 


You no more have a favorite. they are all your precious stars. You know even the oldest songs. You know the jokes. The memes. The sad stories. The funny ones. The dark times and your pride, all the important records. You start your day by checking news about BTS. But sometimes you get away from the fandom and that’s ok because you know that in your heart you will always be there when BTS needs you. 

| Hope you like this post ARMY. Btw which one are you?
| By @mimibtsghost

Needed to say this..

Someone told me yesterday, An internet friend is not a real friend. How is that possible when that ‘Internet friend’ was by my side when I was at my lowest and you weren’t. When that ‘Internet friend’ talk to me often and you only talk to me when we meet. 

When that ‘Internet friend likes and respects what I like and you don’t. Just because they are far away doesn’t make them any less of a friend. 

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