Vacation Heat (OT7 abo)


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Relationships: Hoseok x Jimin x Jin x Jungkook x Namjoon x Taehyung x Yoongi (ot7)
Genre(s): smut

Written for @btspolyshipbingo
Square Filled: Hair Pulling

Tags: smut, pwp, ABO verse, omegaverse, heats, knotting, ruts, slick, dirty talk, established relationship, group sex, coming untouched, multiple orgasms, rough sex, hair pulling, oral sex, bareback, omega!Jin, omega!Jimin, omega!Jungkook, omega!Taehyung, Alpha!Namjoon, Alpha!Yoongi, Alpha!Hoseok, bottom!Jin, bottom!Taehyung, top!Jimin, top!Hoseok, top!Yoongi, switch!Namjoon, switch!Jungkook

Summary: Jin is in heat and needs a little help. Unfortunately his heat triggers those of his lovers, requiring a little more help than planned.
Word Count: ~3.3k

A/N: Fulfills 2 requests I got (forever ago – thanks for being patient). One was ABO with omega!Jin going into heat and some of the others help him out. The second was omega!vocal line, one in heat and the other three helping to have their own heats triggered, and needing help from the Alphas of the group.

A/N2: This is a somewhat subverted and altered omegaverse than what a lot of you might be used to for mxm fiction. Though some traditional bits remained – heats, knots, etc. I have twisted or removed some of the other ‘traditional’ bits (mpreg, sex crazed, submissive omegas, etc). Because some of these elements have always made me itch (even though I did spend a good year or so writing this trope for another fandom), I took this as an opportunity to try to alter some of those things while still staying true to what ABO was at its core. I hope it’s still enjoyable to those of you that read it! And if you’re curious about the rules in this newish ‘verse I put together, feel free to ask! I’ve got a whole mess of rules and traits written up just in case I ever decide to or get asked to write ABO again.

Jin groaned, burrowing his head further under the blanket when the door opened.

“Hyung?” Jungkook’s voice was gentle. Jin groaned again.

“It hit you hard, huh? I knew it was a bad idea to take you off the pills.”

Jungkook crawled into the bed. He placed a cool pack against Jin’s flushed neck, and a warm one on his side.

“I hate this. I’d forgotten what a bitch this was.”

“How can I help?”

“You know you can’t.” Jin huffed.

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BTS Reaction: First Kiss


“can you do a request for the boys having their first kiss with the s/o? Like how they would feel when they first kiss the love of their lives? Requested by Anon! “

Pairing: BTS x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Rating: 13+, warning none


“Yah Jin wait for me!″ You called after him as he was climbing higher and higher. Jin had suggested hiking up to the Namsam Tower instead of taking the elevator and your legs were shaking by now.

“Hurry up, we will miss the sundown.”

“Can’t we just watch it from here?”

“No, just hurry.”

Jin was merciless as he climbed up. You were almost running to keep up and as you were looking at the view you hadn’t noticed Jin stopping and you bumped right into him making him fall back and taking you with him. You landed on top of him, with your lips crashed against his. Your eyes couldn’t be bigger now, as you had never kissed before. This accidental kiss was your first. You quickly moved off, of him. “God I’m sorry!” You were blushing deeply when Jin moved his fingers over his lips, while vaguely smiling and before you could do anything his arms snaked around your waist and pulled you against him, as he planted his lips on yours again, while the sun was setting behind you.



Being an assistant at BigHit was not the dream you thought it would be, because you were always running around, doing errands and today wasn’t any different. You were running to get coffee and other things. It was a cold winter day when you were running into Starbucks. The employers were smiling friendly at you because they knew and they actually had the order ready.

“Do you need help?”

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[ENG] 191018 BTS(방탄소년단) 2019 BTS POP-UP : HOUS…

[ENG] 191018 BTS(방탄소년단) 2019 BTS POP-UP : HOUSE OF BTS Greeting Message


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191018 BigHit’s Tweet

💌 아미~ 여기야 여기!

오늘부터 내년 1월 5일까지



💌 ARMY~ It’s here, here!

From today until the 5th of January next year



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