How has your day been Mimi?

How has your day been Mimi?

I was in the rooftop and then people started to fight. It was because a girl called a guy ‘Son of a b*tch’ just so she can look though in front of her friends and he literally went running after her while taking his shirt off getting ready to hit her for good. This guy is mentally ill and he has no dad only a mom. Well…it was a mess. Anyway…

Aw thank you for the compliment Mimi and I wis…

Aw thank you for the compliment Mimi and I wish. I hope you have a good break. We all need them once in a while and it is ok if you need more. We want you to be ok and to not burn yourself out. 💜❤️

Actually and to be real with you all. I updated this blog even at days I had a fever and was sick. Even at days I was crying because of stress. And even at days I felt like doing nothing not even breath. But I always recall that some people have it worse than me. That a post has the power to draw a smile on their faces when life is taking the light away I want this blog to share smiles. If I am gonna go on vacation I am not sure to have access to internet but if I do I am gonna make sure to update you all because I want you to smile my friend. 

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