Aw thank you for the compliment Mimi and I wis…

Aw thank you for the compliment Mimi and I wish. I hope you have a good break. We all need them once in a while and it is ok if you need more. We want you to be ok and to not burn yourself out. 💜❤️

Actually and to be real with you all. I updated this blog even at days I had a fever and was sick. Even at days I was crying because of stress. And even at days I felt like doing nothing not even breath. But I always recall that some people have it worse than me. That a post has the power to draw a smile on their faces when life is taking the light away I want this blog to share smiles. If I am gonna go on vacation I am not sure to have access to internet but if I do I am gonna make sure to update you all because I want you to smile my friend. 

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