Vacation Heat (OT7 abo)


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Relationships: Hoseok x Jimin x Jin x Jungkook x Namjoon x Taehyung x Yoongi (ot7)
Genre(s): smut

Written for @btspolyshipbingo
Square Filled: Hair Pulling

Tags: smut, pwp, ABO verse, omegaverse, heats, knotting, ruts, slick, dirty talk, established relationship, group sex, coming untouched, multiple orgasms, rough sex, hair pulling, oral sex, bareback, omega!Jin, omega!Jimin, omega!Jungkook, omega!Taehyung, Alpha!Namjoon, Alpha!Yoongi, Alpha!Hoseok, bottom!Jin, bottom!Taehyung, top!Jimin, top!Hoseok, top!Yoongi, switch!Namjoon, switch!Jungkook

Summary: Jin is in heat and needs a little help. Unfortunately his heat triggers those of his lovers, requiring a little more help than planned.
Word Count: ~3.3k

A/N: Fulfills 2 requests I got (forever ago – thanks for being patient). One was ABO with omega!Jin going into heat and some of the others help him out. The second was omega!vocal line, one in heat and the other three helping to have their own heats triggered, and needing help from the Alphas of the group.

A/N2: This is a somewhat subverted and altered omegaverse than what a lot of you might be used to for mxm fiction. Though some traditional bits remained – heats, knots, etc. I have twisted or removed some of the other ‘traditional’ bits (mpreg, sex crazed, submissive omegas, etc). Because some of these elements have always made me itch (even though I did spend a good year or so writing this trope for another fandom), I took this as an opportunity to try to alter some of those things while still staying true to what ABO was at its core. I hope it’s still enjoyable to those of you that read it! And if you’re curious about the rules in this newish ‘verse I put together, feel free to ask! I’ve got a whole mess of rules and traits written up just in case I ever decide to or get asked to write ABO again.

Jin groaned, burrowing his head further under the blanket when the door opened.

“Hyung?” Jungkook’s voice was gentle. Jin groaned again.

“It hit you hard, huh? I knew it was a bad idea to take you off the pills.”

Jungkook crawled into the bed. He placed a cool pack against Jin’s flushed neck, and a warm one on his side.

“I hate this. I’d forgotten what a bitch this was.”

“How can I help?”

“You know you can’t.” Jin huffed.

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When The Sun Meets The Sea


; Hoseok x Reader

; Genre: Fluff

; Word Count: 4.8k

; Synopsis: Sometimes, there’s nothing better than heading to the ocean on a warm day to enjoy the sun. It’s even better when your husband, Hoseok, spends the day with you and you get the joy of calming nature with the added benefit of the love of your life.

; A/N: A short fluff piece, I hope you enjoy! Please reblog if you did, and remember to leave me comments, asks or feedback! 😀

A hot sun is beating down on you today, the exposed skin of your legs and arms taking the majority of the heat until a light sheen of sweat appears. It’s mildly uncomfortable, but the cooling breeze that rolls off the sea makes it far more bearable.

Squinting slightly while you bring up a hand to shade your eyes, you take in the glittering aquamarine ocean that fades into a sumptuous sapphire as it reaches out into the horizon, kissing the turquoise sky wonderfully. There’s only a few spots of soft, cotton white dotting the sky today, the majority of the clouds having been burned away by the blazing sun.

It’s the perfect day to be at the sea, and you paddle your feet lazily in the cool water that laps at the edge of the small, rocky bay you’d discovered long ago. Jagged, unforgiving stone circles the area, dipping down into the sea where it smoothes out from years of relentless pounding by the incessant tide. 

The only way to reach this hidden bay or cove or whatever you want to call it was by the water. Years ago, you’d discovered it by accident when you’d swam too far out from the nearby beach. The solitude it offered was peaceful and it had soon become your favourite place to escape when life became a little too much; your own piece of the ocean that remained undisturbed by people.

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THORNS ⇝ 08 🥀



Pairing; Jimin x Reader

Genre; Fluff, Angst, smut, AU

rating; +18, warning; nothing

word count; 2.893

Summary; Every year the royal family held a ball for the poor girls. You were definitely one of the poorest but you never went to a ball because you had to take care of your family and because you had special gifts. Everything changed though when you bumped into Prince Jimin on that fateful day.

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First Love | 07



Yoongi x reader | college au | tattoo artist au | bad boy au | fluff | angst | eventual smut | swearing

Word: 2.1k

You first saw him in the multi-purpose room. Later learn his name, and on your third year, as he becomes your neighbor, you discover his lifestyle. Knowing your crush on him was nothing but that, you wanted to find the courage to look for love. Asking your friend for help, you’re pointed in the direction of the expert. Your neighbor, Min Yoongi. 

Chapter Index

The car ride was awkward for you. Hoseok and Ari were chatting away while you and Yoongi sat in the back in complete silence. This is not what you expected, but it seems that Ari had something else in mind and dragged Hoseok along, waiting for who knows how long until the two of you left the shelter. You opened your bag, pulling out your camera. Turning it on, and going to your pictures, you began to browse through all the photos you took today.

“Did they come out good?” Yoongi asked, voice just loud enough for you to hear. 

You looked to him, surprised that he was interested, but his eyes were on your camera, trying to see how the pictures came out. “Yeah. I got some good ones,” you tell him, showing the screen as you browsed through the pictures together. The two of you looked through the photos you took. The photos you took captured the moments of joy for the animals. When they played with Rory, when the dogs ran around the fenced area, not wanting to go inside. Even when Charlie came up to you, sniffing the camera; you got a perfect picture of his big brown eyes and the round of his snout. It was then you reached the photos of Jasper, your conscious clearly aware of Yoongi leaning in close to you. When you reached the photos, you tried your best to not linger on the photos of Yoongi and Jasper. 

“Wait,” Yoongi murmurs, and you stop, glancing at him. “Go back.” You click back to the previous photo of Yoongi petting Jasper. “Can you send me that one?” he asks, finally meeting your gaze. 

You were fully aware as to how close the two of you had gotten. Swallowing hard, you replied with a small voice, “Yeah.” 

“We’re here,” Hoseok bellowed, making you jump away from Yoongi. 

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celestial (pt. 2 preview) | kth (m)



genre: smut; angst; incubus!taehyung x reader; demon!ot7 x reader (platonic)
warnings: blood and violence
length: ~5k

“i’ve seen monsters for as long as i could remember.”

with flesh and blood that could grant any demon immortality, her familiar — an incubus — may be the only thing standing in the way of her becoming a meal.

             “you know i belong to only you, right?”

part 1 | masterlist

a/n: let me know if you would like to be tagged in future updates!



She almost didn’t register it when he inched forward ever so slowly, until she felt his temperature closing in on her, with the palpable daubs of his breaths that tantalized the surface of her skin. Nearer were the pillows of his lips, framed by sharp edges that she could never decipher, especially when they moved to intrude the calm air with a rasping whisper.

“Are you going to thank me properly, then?”

Her respires idled at the cap of her throat as she lagged in grasping his query, to which he exploited with the stretch of his palm fastening down on her hip. Her chest relentlessly drummed as immobility claimed her limbs.

Taehyung leaned in more, so her ear could capture him in his full husk. “It’s been years since I’ve had my energy refilled,” Taehyung almost growled. “Just a kiss will do… for now.”

est. release date: sept. 2nd, 9pm PST

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Paint the Roses White Chapter 6


Written by: @i-live-so-i-loveand @kimlinebiased​

AO3 Link Here!

Relationships: main VMin, side NamJinGi, side HopeKook

Genres: fantasy, angst, smut

Tags: Alice in Wonderland AU, smut, fluff, angst, alternate universe, bottom!Taehyung, top!Jimin, violence, abusive parents, shapeshifter!Taehyung, barebacking, alcohol use, side HopeKook, sideNamJinGi, implied drug use, more tags added as necessary

Summary: Jimin’s life sucks. He’s miserable, beat down, and tired. That is, until a mysterious boy with purple hair and a dangerous smile slides into his life and turns it upside down. The White Queen is ruling and drinks are on the house in the Hat Trick Lounge. Caterpillar is missing and the Prince of Hearts is ready for a war, if only he could figure out where his damn rabbit ran off to again…
Word Count: ~22.2k+ (updated biweekly)

A/N: Sorry about the delay on this one guys, finals and illness were kicking my butt V_V – Enjoy!

Jimin woke up in a bed that wasn’t his own. He stared up at a ceiling streaked with early morning sunlight. Both the ceiling and the sun shining the light across it weren’t his own. He wished he could have woken up and it would have all been a bad dream but he’d tossed and turned too much all night for it to be anything but reality. His shoulder had ached when he moved wrong and his mind was full of the previous days events, including yelling at Taehyung. He still wasn’t sure how he felt about the whole thing. He was mad at Taehyung for dragging him here because of his own selfish desires but he couldn’t deny that, weird cat ears and all, he still found Taehyung attractive. It didn’t matter though, they had bigger things to deal with today. And maybe by the end of it he could go home and put this whole mess behind him. He’d never have to see Taehyung again. An ache shot through him at the thought and he groaned, frustrated with his own feelings. He didn’t belong here. He didn’t need this craziness in his life.

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Mulled Wine


; Hoseok x Reader

; Genre: Fluff

; Word Count: 2k

; Synopsis: Christmas is a time for happiness, joy and love. Your first Christmas with Hoseok isn’t spent with him, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy it without him.

; A/N: Just a little drabble I knocked up. I didn’t proof read it but…I just wanted some soft Hobi so…enjoy I guess? Please reblog and like if you enjoyed and let me know what you thought! I’m in a bit of a writing slump so…<3

The lingering scent of Christmas dinner enriches the air around you, letting your mind wander back to the delicious meal you’d eaten only an hour before. Your stomach is slightly tender and swollen from the extortionate amount of food you’ve eaten, but you refuse to feel guilty over it.

It’s Christmas…it’s the time to overindulge and eat enough food to make yourself thoroughly sick the next day.

And god dammit, your mom’s cooking was delicious. So you had savoured every bite from your plate, enjoying the burst of flavours that evoked memories of previous years with fondness. Plus, it was always lovely to have a meal that you hadn’t made yourself. Food always tastes better that way.

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[teaser] caught me. | jjk (m)



𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 | jungkook x reader

𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 | 6-7k (?)

𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 | roommate au. slight e2l au. smut. 

𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐱 | explicit language and sexual content. mutual masturbation, sex toy usage, oral sex (f + m receiving), gagging, fingering, squirting, dirty talk, riding, unprotected sex (you know the drill, wrap it up), multiple orgasms, overstimulation, creampie, jungkook has tattoos, long wavy hair and a giant schlong.

𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 | you hate your temporary roommate, jungkook and it doesn’t help that he’s been catching you at the most inconvenient of times.


release date: august 24th, 7:00pm PST

↣ sneak peek | Jeon Jungkook is a nearly six feet tall mural of muscle and inked skin. His dark wavy hair falls gracefully past his large doe eyes, and his plethora of tattoos litter the tight expanse of his neck and arms. It’s only been two weeks since he’s arrived, yet you already seem to despise him.

All Rights Reserved © jeonshome


Writing Collaboration by @mimibtsghost & @yoonia


⤑ Summary: Ever wondered about the story behind Jung Hoseok’s missing shirt when he appeared at the airport on 190823? Well, here’s a little steamy story of Jay, and the disappearance of the shirt. 

⤑ Characters: Jung Hoseok x Anonymous woman (first person POV)

⤑ Genre: Idol!au, Smut, Mature content, Humour, Rom-Com

⤑ Warning: mentions of alcohol, mile high club, oral sex (f and m receiving), unprotected sex, explicit sex scene, public sex, sexual intercourse.

ONE PLANE STAND: “A steamy and lucky encounter”:

Let me tell you something about my steamy escapade that may blow your mind. 

But first, I should probably say a little introduction about myself. I am not a BTS fan. I am not any idols fan. But that day, I became HIS fan. This is the story of my one-night-stand that happened in the plane on my way back to Korea. Should I call it a plane stand? Anyway, here we go.

When I made the trip to LA, I had made myself a mission, which was why I had left with a sexy bucket list in hand. I was normally a very shy person, but I figured that the trip would give me a chance to let go of my inhibitions and I could become the free woman I had always wished to be. 

The content of my short bucket list was very simple: (1) Go to a male strip club, (2) Kiss ten strangers, and (3) Find an attractive man to have a night of passion with. 

Don’t judge me, but I had never once, in my entire life, had gone on a one-night-stand before. And your girl is curious. Unfortunately, the latter one on the list was completely hard to achieve, as I realized after stepping on the grounds of LA, that not everyone would be as hot as Chris Hemsworth. Real people who had been trying to approach me were not attractive enough as I had wanted them to, or more like, semblances of what you may call as ugly potatoes. I wasn’t there to consume flimsy vegetables but real meat, something big, fat and tasty, which would leave me drooling for days just to think about it.   

Fast forward to my flight back from LA, I boarded the flight feeling completely bummed that I had yet to fulfill everything on my bucket list. Kissing nameless toads I met at the hotel bar was fine, but there was no way I would bring them back to my bed. So I had only one thing left on the list I haven’t checked yet. I took my seat feeling hopeless, and bored because I was leaving the trip still feeling unsatisfied with it.

The only reprieve was to know that the flight offered good drinks and I was ready to consume all the alcohol they were serving. I no longer care if they had to drag me away from my seats later, I just wanted to let loose before I had to go back to my tedious life. 

The seat next to me was still empty while everyone else was boarding the plane. But it was not like I noticed it, because I didn’t usually care. I just hoped that whoever would be taking the seat would leave me alone and let me be. 

I was looking out the window when I felt a shadow came looming over me. Looking over instinctively, there was a man standing over the other seat. He looked tall and had a good body figure, but he had a bucket hat that was covering half his face and a mask on. He caught me staring, and briefly nodded at me before I looked away unbothered again.

I had a long flight ahead of me and I thought that I had ended up getting seated next to a weirdo who might be thinking he was a superstar or something. Like seriously, who covers their face that way again? 

I was relieved that the man simply took his seat, and calmly put his seatbelt on without saying a thing. He didn’t even bother to try and catch my attention as the flight slowly took off.

The flight attendant came when the seatbelt sign was turned off. She came by to our seats and asked nicely, “Do you need anything?”, to which we both answered at the same time, “A glass of wine.” 

Her eyes widened for a moment from our answers and smiled again when she said, “Just one?”, to which we both answered again, “We are not together.” Then, in a state of shock over our tandem answer, we accidentally grumbled, once again speaking at the same time, “Oh my God!”

I could still recall how our eyes met after once again, we said the same thing at the same time, while my eyes were probably wide as saucers, he looked at me with eyes filled with amusement. We held our gazes that way and it was like we silently shared some connection for a second. But then it was broken when I looked away. 

If the flight attendant thought the situation was funny, she didn’t show it. She calmly went to get our drinks, and that was when he finally took off his mask and bucket hat. I heard his voice again when he chuckled with a low voice. “That was funny.” 

I turned to look at him when I finally noticed that he was talking to me and he smiled when our eyes met. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his face. He may be the prettiest man I have ever met, or perhaps, the prettiest man alive, ever. Never in my wildest dreams, I had imagined that I would meet someone like him in life, or even to talk to them.

I gathered the courage that I never had before, forced a smile and said, “It was indeed funny.”

His face lit up when he got my answer, looking quite surprised about it too. But he simply smiled at me and said, “It was kind of like those scenes you see in a drama or romantic comedy movies, huh?” He said with a laugh. I could not help but grin and laugh with him. His smile was beautiful and there was something about him that made me feel relaxed. 

Oh my God, what was I thinking? I wasn’t even drunk yet. 

The flight attendant came back with our drinks just then, and as I took the drinks in my hand, I asked her for more. “Do you have anything stronger?” She nodded at me and went back to get me another drink. 

The-weird-handsome-man-with-a-beautiful-smile — Wow! That’s a long name. I just realized that at this point, he hadn’t told me his name yet. I was wondering if I should ask him about it but had decided not to just so I wouldn’t have to give him mine either. Let’s call him Jay for the story purpose.

Anyway, Jay held his drink up and lifted it towards me while saying, “Cheers,” to which I answered with a smile that was similar to his. 

“Cheers,” I said, clinking our glasses together before taking our drinks.

After the first drink, we somehow started talking quite naturally. Both the alcohol and the laughs we shared had surely buried any awkwardness we previously had and broke the ice. As the flight attendant came back again with my stronger drink, we specifically told her to keep the drinks coming, not wanting to have this easiness between us end too soon.

In our talk, he asked me why I was in LA and I told him that I was on a business trip (In no way I was going to say that I was simply going on a paid trip to hunt for naked butts, balls, and cucumbers. Pun intended). I asked him the same thing out of curiosity and he shrugged, telling me, “Important business.” But he never specified it as I had also stopped talking about ‘my business’.

So far, I really liked this man. It felt like we were on the same frequency and we were working the same tune. He was not willing to tell me about his life and I was not willing to give clues about mine, not caring enough to know what was waiting for him once the flight ended. 

Just like how we ordered it, the drinks kept on coming. I had no idea how much time had passed since we started talking, but at one point, we looked around in the middle of sharing a laugh to see people around us sleeping. I would usually be sleeping on these long flights, but talking to him made me forget about it. 

“Sshh—” he said with a giggle when I accidentally spoke too loud. He put a finger over his lips to shush me, but he ended up giggling when he saw me covering my lips with my hands.

“Oops, sorry—” I whispered to him while covering my mouth and stifling my giggles. We were actually already too drunk to care at this point, but the last thing we needed was getting scolded at from being too loud. 

I could tell how drunk he was from his glassy eyes and how his face was turning red, also how his smile seems to stay forever. But who was I to judge? I couldn’t even stop moving and swaying on my seat and everything looked so funny to me that all I ever wanted was to laugh. I was probably drunker than he was but I didn’t care. I was having such a good time. It felt even better than the days I spent in LA. 

Right when we were in the middle of our giggling fit, I lifted my glass of wine to have a drink. My hand was already shaky as hell, but I tried my best and was feeling proud of myself for not spilling the red liquid goodness all over my dress. Sadly, as I pressed my lips on the tip of my glass before I even had any chance to take a sip, the plane made a slight drop of turbulence. With my weak grip on the glass, I couldn’t stop it from tipping over. Except that instead of having it filled onto my dress, the glass pointed the other way, sending the expensive red wine to fall all over the white shirt Jay was wearing under his jacket. 

“Oh, shit—” I gasped and placed my glass back to the tray in front of me. I reached for some tissues in my purse and started rubbing them against his stained shirt. I really didn’t think I was doing a good job at it when my body kept swaying and my eyes were hazy, and it only seemed like I was making it smudge even further. I was worried that he would be mad at me that I couldn’t look at him, but surprisingly, he started to laugh.

“Why are you laughing?” I whisper-yelled at him, unable to hold back from giggling when he only started laughing louder. He stopped himself though, thankfully, by covering his mouth to hide his laughs, then he took a look around to see if we had woken anyone around us. “It’s not funny, stop laughing,” I scolded him, even while I was also chuckling when I noticed how his shoulders were still shaking from his stifled laugh. 

“It is funny, though,” he said.

I, on the other hand, glared at him. “I just ruined your shirt,” I reminded him, then snorted when I couldn’t resist laughing again. “Oh gosh, this must be expensive.”

“I don’t know. I mean, I wouldn’t know,” he murmured, looking down at the stain that seemed like a painting of South Korea’s landscape at this point, thanks to me. I looked at him in shock. Seriously? What kind of man wouldn’t know how much his own clothes’ worth? 

I tried rubbing the stain away again but didn’t notice any difference. Except that I was starting to hear him groaning when I pressed my hand on his chest. I could feel his body rumbling under my palm, but I just thought maybe he was ticklish or something. His eyes were dark when I looked at him. It might be because the seating area was dark, I told myself.

After a few more failed efforts of salvaging his shirt, I tossed the ruined tissues away. “This won’t do it,” I grumbled under my breath. Meanwhile, Jay only stared at me, watching me with a goofy smile on his face. “Let’s go,” I said as I took his hand in mine and started pulling him off our seats.

“Go where?” He asked me, looking surprised but followed me anyway.

“We need to wash it off before the stain settles on your shirt. Come on,” I said, tugging him to come along with me. 

The journey towards the restroom at the back was difficult to do. It felt like the plane was swaying left and right, it was hard to walk straight ahead, and I kept on cussing at the plane, blaming it for trying to make me fall even though I knew it was the alcohol messing up with my system. And with Jay also incapable of walking straight, I was practically dragging him along with me while fighting him from pulling me down with his weight.

I blew a relieved breath when we finally reached the restroom and found it empty. Not wanting to waste any time, I quickly opened the door and rushed him inside. “Get in,” I whisper yelled at him while pushing him inside.


“Get inside there. NOW. IN.”

He stopped fighting me and did what I said before I entered the restroom with him and shut the door behind me, locking us both inside. Together.

We locked eyes for a second, stunned in a moment of sharing a thought that said, ‘What now’. I had forgotten that the restrooms were quite small, so I could feel the heat from his body even if my back was still pressing on the door. 

Then, out of nowhere, he started to smile. Or more like, smirking at me, before he suddenly took off his jacket and started pulling up his stained shirt. Rather than being startled, I was so drunk that watching him undressing made me happy. The only reaction I gave was, “Wow, you are so smart. You get what I was meaning to do!” 

He nodded with a smirk. But as soon as he was taking off his shirt, it got stuck in his head. I was glad because it only meant that he was also a clumsy drunk, and it gave me the time of my life to enjoy his subtle abs. He might not be so burly and big, but looking at his muscles and tight body, he seemed strong. So without thinking, I reached over. Instead of helping him with his shirt, I put my palm on his stomach, feeling him up. 

“Wow, it’s so hard,” I whispered, marveling at his taut abs with a few hiccups cutting me off. “*hic* do you know what this reminds me of? Chocolate. Are you made of chocolate? I love sweets. Can I lick it and see if it tastes the same?” 

I was still running my fingers on his muscles when he finally took off his shirt. His face was flushed red from the alcohol. Or was it because of the situation we were in? I couldn’t tell. I could no longer notice because I was already licking his abs while slowly going down on the floor. I heard him grumbling something above me, probably slipping out some cursing words as well, but he didn’t do anything to stop me so I kept going. Before I knew it, I was down on my knees and his pants were right in front of my face. The thing was hanging so low on his hips that I could see the lines of his boxers, which was really hot, by the way. It felt like the white-colored waistband was calling me, and I didn’t hold back from grabbing them. 

I murmured softly, “Shit, this is on the way to my treat,” then pulled his pants and boxers down in one go. I must have pulled it really hard, because once his boxers were down, his hard, thick shaft instantly jumped out, nearly hitting my face.

“Oh! A popsicle! More sweets! Yum!” I giggled out while looking at him. He was looking at me wide-eyed and showing crinkles between his brows, but he chuckled when he heard me. I was too drunk I was looking at his stiff mast as food. Well, I wasn’t wrong, was I? I did say I wanted to have some good meat on this trip and he had such an impressive feast that got me drooling. 

He was probably even drunker than I was, because all he said was, “Will you lick it? See how it tastes like?” 

I batted my eyelashes and looked up. “Is it sweet?” 

He said, “There is only one way to know,” then winked at me, reaching down to brush my hair gently.

I kept my eyes on him and took him in my grip. His girth felt so firm in my hand. Was he an athlete? This was no common body. I started by licking the tip slowly. I took a pause to give it a kiss then used my tongue to trace its length. He moaned out, saying, “Don’t play with your food, eat it well.” 

I am not the type to take orders in bed. But for his handsome face and under the influence of alcohol, I was surprisingly ready to follow anything he said and do anything he wanted me to. He seemed so marvelous staring down at me from above. Especially his nose. It was a work of art. His eyes appeared dark as he was expecting me to do as he said, but also looking curious and hopeful when all I did was give him kitten licks on his tip. Was I at his mercy, or was he at mine? Hard to say.

In one swift move, I took him into my mouth and slowly moved down along his length to get him deeper. I stopped for a moment to take a breath because he was too big for my mouth, then I tried to take him in again until the tip reached my throat. I really hit the jackpot. I usually hate giving head but why was I feeling like I was dripping wet already? It felt like I was soaking between my legs with his girth filling my mouth. Was it the uncertainty of someone finding out? Or was it the fact that I had a totally hot stranger’s erection between my lips? My mind was too hazy to figure out things so I just kept ongoing. Add that to the fact that he was breathing hard and had been moaning and gasping ever since I wrapped my lips around his shaft, which had gotten more obvious as I took him deeper. 

He grabbed my hair and clenched his fingers around it, and said to me with a soft but serene voice, “Move,” which I did. Flattening my tongue against his twitching member, I started to move, sliding my mouth along his length until his tip nudged my lips, then moved back down until he reached my throat again. Even if I didn’t want to instantly take him deeper, the tight space in the restroom made it easier for him to be so deep. I didn’t mind it though, at least I still had some space for my legs. I kept on moving up and down his length, my tongue rubbing the underside of his member, then his hips started moving along with the rhythm I was making. 

Soon, he was controlling the pace that all I needed to do was to keep my mouth open and relax my jaw. He was guiding me to move with his gentle hold on my hair, keeping my head where he wanted me to. His hips moved so effortlessly that he was like dancing against my face, instead of just fucking my mouth. 

I never would have thought I would enjoy being treated as someone’s sex toy but he was doing it so tastefully?! His moves were well calculated and his touches were gentle. I felt like I was being worshipped by his hands even if I was the one on my knees for him. Then when I felt like he was close to coming I stopped and pulled back. I looked up at him and said, “Wanna have some juice? You seem thirsty, boy.” 

He picked me up so swiftly and moved quickly to place me on the top of the toilet. He smiled at me and said, “I am feeling quite thirsty. May I have a drink?” 

I answered him while parting my legs subtly, “It’s all yours to savour.” 

He wasted no time and bunched up the hem of my dress so he could take off my panties. He started running his fingers up my spread legs, before gently touching the wet warmth between my legs. My heart was beating so fast, ready to burst from the waiting. He took a long look up and down my body before coming closer to my face and said to me, “I need more to drink, so let me help you make some more.” 

He pressed his lips on me, lapped at my bottom lip before he inserted his tongue in my mouth. He kissed and sucked at my upper lip in return, before turning it into a hot, searing French kiss. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, his fingers made their way between my legs again and touched me there. It started gentle, with a simple touch on my soaking folds, before he parted my nether lips and ran his fingers up and down my slit, using my moisture to move fluidly. 

Then when he heard me gasping into the kiss, he quickened the pace more and more until I could feel the pleasure rising in my body. Just when it was getting too much, I couldn’t resist the need to let out a few cries and moans. Yet the sounds I was making were thankfully muffled because my mouth was sealed with his tender lips. Imagine if there was anyone outside the restroom who heard my cries, then we would have been caught and exposed before we could finish the deed.

I held on to his upper arms, feeling the intense pleasure rising and my arousal leaking out more as he kept going. But just as I was getting close to climaxing onto his hand, he pulled back. The kiss was the one he stopped first. Showing me his smirk, he nudged at my tight entrance and pushed inside, parting my core with his soaked digits. I was ready to have him use his fingers to fuck me, but again, he stopped right when my body craved for more.

I opened my eyes and started to scowl at him, only to see him getting on his knees in front of me. “Open your legs. I know you are wanting more.” My body moved as he ordered then he murmured, “Now let’s have a taste”. 

He placed both his hands under my thighs and pushed my legs up, spreading them apart to allow him more space to play. The position was so compromising that my bare center was fully exposed to his eyes and I had to lean myself back. Sending me one small devilish grin, he leaned forward. I had thought he would go right away to business, but he decided to tease me, kissing all the way up my thighs. I felt my core twitching, wanting him to kiss me there, so I begged him to, “Please, please,” then every other incoherent word disappeared when he finally dived in, pressing his mouth on my folds. 

As if he was mirroring my moves earlier when I was tasting him, using his hot tongue to give small teasing licks on my swollen nub. I had to bite my lips to stifle the gasp bubbling from my throat. This was definitely not his first time. You can never judge someone by their innocent smile and gentle touch. Because then he continued by taking my slick pearl between his lips and embrace it into the most seductive caress before sucking on it with full hunger. Was this man really drunk? He was able to do everything with full precision when he couldn’t even walk straight.

At this point, my legs were already shaking. It felt so intense that my mind went blank and I held his head when I couldn’t reach for anything else. His smooth hair between my fingers and his agile tongue between my secret haven. I bit my lip to not scream out my moans. Was I under a spell or is this real sex? I never orgasmed this early but it felt like I was going to come any second.  

As my grip on his hair grew tighter, he moved his expert lips down my snatch, finding the core of my arousal where I had been leaking moisture. He released a deep, long hum as he pressed his lips, nibbling at my scorching sex. I almost let out a sudden squeal but recalled that I was some feet away from a whole audience. He took his tongue and discovered the door to my ecstasy. He entered without a word and I lost every word. 

He murmured against my folds, almost purring when he said, “Wow, your taste…I am addicted to sweets too now,” he kept on whispering, licking me non-stop between his words. “I might even crave this taste again…this is dangerous.”’

Before I could say anything, not that I was able to, he reached down, touching my pearl and giving it attention once more by rubbing his thumb over it and pinching it lightly. Just when I got used to his rhythm he broke it by increasing the pace. Inserting his tongue then releasing it, just to make it go deep down again. Stronger, harder, and firmer. Then he suddenly stopped. I was relieved that I was given a chance to breathe but disappointed that it stopped abruptly. 

Somehow, he seemed to notice how desperate I was. Because he wasted no time to insert two fingers in one go inside my throbbing walls, moving them in and out until my body was shuddering so intensely. 

As the pleasure increased, the spasms of the incoming orgasm started to build up, I bit my palm and let my head fall back. He must have felt it as my body grew tight around him because he started chuckling and pulling away, stopping all his ministrations. 

I looked at him, glaring and ready to protest for him stopping right when I was going to come. But he only grinned at me and said, “That’s all for today…unless you beg for it.” 

Once again, I was taken aback. Who was this man? One moment, he was gentle and filled with warmth, yet he could be evil at the same time, pushing and pulling like he was controlling my body to his delight. His duality was no joke. I was feeling slightly mad at the audacity he had to deny me pleasure. But it was a pleasure that I had never felt before and he hadn’t been inside me yet. I wanted more. 

So I threw away my pride in exchange for my desire and opened my legs like the obedient girl he wanted me to be. “Please,” I started to beg him, slightly pouting to make it more convincing but speaking low to a pur to urge him on. Reaching down, I parted my nether lips, opening myself up completely to him. “Take me, stranger. I already said I’m all yours.” 

Without a word, he responded immediately by returning to his position at my center. Just as I thought, he was all ready for me. Taking his hot, erected wood in his hand, he started sliding it between my slit. Moving it up and down, again and again, coating his mast with my arousal while making me feel pleasure and impatience. 

I swiveled my hips toward him. “Put it in. Pretty please.” I didn’t know how much else I needed to beg. But as I was ready to ask for his mercy, he pointed his wet, thick shaft against my opening and pushed, and in one go he went in. 

This time, I failed to stifle my own voice and screamed. 

The flight attendant came running and knocked on the door. “Is everything alright?” I heard her voice asked. I wondered how long she had been around or if she had seen us coming in here together. But my mind was muddled when my body was filled with delightful bliss.  

As if it didn’t matter that there was someone out the door, he just kept on moving, thrusting his girth in and out of me, pounding me hard without even slowing his pace. 

I took all the sanity I had left—which, I promise you, was only so little left in me—and said, “Y-Yes, It’s just that I feel a bit si—” he cut me off by giving me a hard thrust, “S-Sick!” I felt him chuckling as he leaned down, pressing his temple against mine. Completely unbothered with the interruption, he continued to move faster. Just like how he did it earlier, he moved his hips so fluidly that he was hitting all the right places, sending me straight into the climax that I had been craving the most. 

“I AM COMIIING…I am coming…out soon,” I squealed and wailed, only able to stifle the noise a little that I could bet that the flight attendant would be able to hear me. Although I wasn’t even sure myself who I was talking to, either her or the man who was pounding relentlessly, hitting the sweet spot deep inside my clenching walls until I felt like I was pushed off the edge.

I came and my legs were shaking so hard. I believed that I had just gotten the most intense orgasm of my life, ever. And it seemed like it was never going to end when he kept moving in and out of me, chasing his own climax while making mine last. He pulled off at last with a deep grunt and came all over my thighs. This man was clearly an expert and knew his way. And a fearless one at that too, since he didn’t even care about the risk of getting caught when he was fucking me to oblivion in such a tight and open space.

I wasn’t thinking clearly anymore. My mind was out of it for a moment as I was still in a daze. The mixed reaction of the alcohol in my blood, the orgasm, and the fear of someone finding out came to me at once that my heartbeat was racing like crazy. I was clearly a total mess. But the moment I managed to gather myself, I quickly grabbed his shirt and cleaned his essence down my thighs with it. Tugging my dress back down, I whispered to him, “I will go out now and distract the flight attendant, come out after 2 minutes.”

I didn’t wait for him to respond when I finally slipped out through the door. As expected, the concerned flight attendant was still waiting for me there, and I instantly played it off like I was really sick. It didn’t take a lot of effort to do so, with my hair a complete mess, my face flushing, and my eyes tearing after the cries of delight. The flight attendant took my hand and helped me return to my seat. 

I was completely exhausted and spent, that the moment I laid back, I literally fell asleep until the flight arrived in South Korea. 

When I woke up, the seat beside me was already empty. But I did remember someone tightened up my seat belt when I was in a deep sleep. Was it him? Or was it a dream? No no, I was sure everything really happened. If there was something I could brag about myself, it was that I would never forget anything that happened when I was drunk. 

Once I was off the flight, I went to get some hangover soup at the airport before returning home. I had noticed that the arrival gate was filled with reporters, so I decided to wait until the coast is clear. I connected my phone to the internet and went to the Naver website, scrolling through the articles to get a news update. 

And that was when it happened. 

An article popped up on my recommendations, and I saw the man I had just fucked on the main page with no shirt but his jacket on trending. I covered my mouth to stifle a gasp. Why was he on the top page? Who was this man? OMG! Did I just have sex with an actual celebrity? 

As if my shock was not enough, I suddenly felt something weird just as the memory of the sex we had came back to me. Oh, wait…why is it freezing down there. MY PANTIES! H-He has them?!! I couldn’t hold back the laugh that came rolling out when I remembered that I had not bothered to put them back on. Either I had left it behind in that restroom or he kept it as a memento. Oh, well. I guessed it didn’t matter. I also had one of his belongings right there inside my purse, the crumpled shirt that was stained with wine and cum.

This was my torrid one plane stand which I may never experience ever again. I have never told anyone about this until today. So, let’s keep this story a secret between you and me.

My bucket list was finally complete. And this farewell will always be bittersweet.

| END |

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