Be A Good Boy


; Hoseok x Reader

; Genre: Smut

; Word Count: 2.1k

; Warnings: Pegging, male anal sex, cum play, sub!Hoseok, dom!reader fingering, oral sex (female receiving), dirty talk

; Synopsis: Hoseok is being a very good boy for you…

; A/N: A smut drabble for the camboy!Hobi universe cos everyone seemed to like the idea…I haven’t proof read btw…sorry!

; Original: Let’s Put On A Show

Hoseok’s breath hitched slightly as you moved forward, his toned and supple back arching away from you while his head moved back. From here, all you could see was the silky strands of his inky black hair as they shifted into place from his subtle movement and you felt a deep urge to see his face.

You wanted to see the pleasure etched into every groove of his expression, the crease he probably had between his brows as they knotted together and the way his white teeth were probably clenched tightly. As much as you liked the unusual position of seeing his back, you knew that you were missing out on a magnificent sight from the front.

Though his back was certainly worth it too, the golden skin smooth and soft under your fingertips and so sensitive as he twitched when you let them dance over the enticing muscles. But still, you wanted to play with his face a little more.

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Parts; |01|02|03|


Pairing; Jungkook x Reader

Genre; Fluff, smut, AU

rating; +16, warning; none yet

word count; 2.580

Summary: Being best friends with Jungkook, is challenging especially when you have a secret crush on him. So what happens when you find out you are married to him.


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fox rain | three



summary: When the love letter you wrote and submitted as an assignment is leaked to the entirety of your university, it becomes a race against time to dispel rumours and convince the seven suspected muses of the poem that they aren’t the subject before anyone realises that you are the author. Easy, right? Well… maybe not as easy as you think.

→ pairing: bts x reader (feat. namjoon)
→ genre: college!au, crack, fluff, angst
warnings: none unless you count overly graphic descriptions of how stupid namjoon is (oh and like… ant gambling rings??)
→ words: 15.7K
→ a/n: this is late by a month and my whole life is a joke. i hope this makes you laugh bc i made namjoon extra dumb for y’all (for no extra charge. suck it, chipotle.) also: check bio for other chapter links for now!

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“This can’t be my fucking life. Can it?” you say to your own reflection, curtains of despair dripping from every inch of your visage. Your reflection stares back, the same dead eyes twitching imperceptibly from the lack of caffeine in your system. At this point, you wouldn’t be sane enough to be surprised if your parallel self would reply, perhaps with some scathing remark about how you were slowly losing your grip on your life. Not that it would be unwarranted, anyway.

After Hoseok’s explosion the other day, your weekend doesn’t exactly feel as exciting as it usually is. Of course, your mood is still a vast improvement from last week when you were out of commission for most it after your mental breakdown. Although, it doesn’t erase the fact that you’re still knee deep in shit and that you have no idea how you’re going to face Hoseok and Jimin the following Monday.

Damn. You could really use some coffee.

The day seems to be in much better spirits than you, and it would be a waste not to let the universe’s good mood try to make you feel better as well. There is a coffee shop just a block away, and maybe you could take a walk in the sunshine afterwards to help relax the dread consistently knocking at the back of your mind. It’s a little bit optimistic, but it’ll have to do.

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Storm Bringer | 01



; Drakken Rider!Taehyung x Drakken Rider!Reader

; Genre: Fantasy, fluff, future smut

; Warnings: Violence

; Word Count: 5.8k

; Synopsis: Drakken riders are the pride of Falrayne and you take pride in your place as a protector of your homeland. But what happens when you meet a drakken rider you never expected from another nation?

; A/N: I split this in two so there will be a second part. I felt this was a good place to end this part but who knows! Please let me know what you think by commenting, reblogging or sending an ask! I’m not sure if it’s actually like…good because it’s more world building stuff than usual and yeah.

The autumn night is quiet around you, the air calm and still as you watch out over the wall towards the dark forest that looms hundreds of metres away. A cool wind, pleasant after the unusually warm day, blows through the tall trees that have stood careful watch for centuries.

It’s so loud that you can hear the rustling of the leaves even from here on the tall, stone wall that has surrounded and protected the ancient city and castle of Drakanis for over five centuries. The sky itself is clear without a hint of cloud to block your vision, the pale face of the moon shining brightly while far off stars twinkle softly against the vast expanse of nothing.

Leaning over the edge of the grey, worn stone, you peer down at the inky blackness of the still water of the moat that surrounds the whole city. From this direction, the only thing visible is the moon kissed gentle meadow that butts up to the wild Rikara forest. In the daytime, you would be able to see the white capped peaks of the Ikana mountains far off in the distance.

Still, despite how calm the night seems, you shake your limbs slowly while rolling your head to stretch out the muscles. You’re tense tonight, and you don’t know why. Nothing has happened on the boundaries of Drakanis for over a moon now, and you’re worried that it means something is going to happen.

A calm before the storm.

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Description: Promises to their best friend wasn’t going to keep them apart.

Warnings: pure porn without plot, best friend! Taehyung, boyfriend! Taehyung, masturbation, oral (f. receiving), unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, dom! Taehyung, sub!reader.

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come back to me


↳ here I am, standing on your doorstep, wondering why the fuck we’re not together anymore.


☾ pairing: jeon jungkook x reader

☾ angst | post-breakup!au

☾ warnings: bad mentality and self-consciousness

☾ 2.4k+ [1/1]



Breaking up with Jungkook had been harsh. Now looking back on it, it ended badly. All you could remember was yelling, hitting and throwing things.

After the day that he moved out, you hated to walk into your apartment to find no one there, to not find Jungkook waiting for you on the couch with a cup of coffee to greet you with. Your apartment was bare of his touch now. The only items that reminded you of his presence were the notebooks and spare sweaters he had left behind.

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i want to have sex. | jjk (m)



pairing | jungkook x reader

word count | 7.2k

genre | virgin au. boyfriend au. fluff. smut. pwp.

warnings | explicit language and sexual content. oral sex (f + m receiving), fingering, tooth-aching soft and fluffy sex, this gif bc kill me.

summary | You plan on taking your boyfriend, Jungkook’s, virginity tonight.

↣ song companion | love by sogyumo acacia band 


Standing in front of the mirror, you take one last glimpse of your lingerie-clad figure, lips pursing in satisfaction as you slide a hand down the side of your bare torso. Your thoughts trail to the first time Jungkook kissed you, fingers travelling up to press down on your pout. It had been when your cheeks were generously stuffed with cake— Jimin’s birthday cake to be exact. You were sat on the floor of Hoseok’s apartment, hunched over the paper plate you so carefully placed in between your crossed legs as you shovelled forkfuls of the vanilla dessert into your mouth. Jungkook had said you reminded him of a caveman guarding food- as if anyone would swoop in and steal it away at any given moment; yet, you hadn’t seen it coming when he felt the need to wipe the whipped cream spilling out of the corner seams of your lips with his own lips. He always had, had a notable knack for odd timings, a trait you’ve come to familiarize yourself quite well with within the past few months of dating him. Three to be exact. Tonight, you figure you should take some inspiration from your boyfriend and pull off a brilliant plan to finally give into your mutual ungodly desires. Your fingers abandon your lips, travelling down the skin of your neck and then to the bone of your clavicle. Jungkook had kissed you once more later that night after driving you back home. “What are you doing?” you had asked.

“I think I’m trying to ask you to be my girlfriend.”

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(M) “want my attention? make me give it to you…



(gif cr)

ship: namjoon x reader

genre: smut

disclaimer: fingering, dirty talk, face riding

synopsis: your boyfriend was once again very busy in his studio. Working on some tracks. But you wanted to spend time with him, yet his tracks seem more important. Good enough for you, that you knew how to lure him out…

words: 2.4k

a/n: yeah.. idk.. i’m sorry for this I guess ahaha. I really wanted to write some smut again but yeah I guess I suck at it. I guess learning by doing haha :’) also sorry that it took me so long to post this 🙁 I had an exhausting week, and couldn’t find the time to look over it :’) But yeah.. hopefully you’ll like it <3

It was already passing 2 am, and you almost waited 2 hours till Namjoon gets finished with his work at the studio. Of course you didn’t wanted to bother him while he’s working, so you sat outside of the studio on a coach and waited for him. 

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[teaser] i want to have sex. | jjk (m)



↣ pairing | jungkook x reader

↣ word count | (?)k

↣ genre | virgin au. boyfriend au. fluff. smut.

↣ warnings | explicit language and sexual content. oral sex (f + m receiving), fingering, tooth-aching soft and fluffy sex,  this gif bc kill me. 

↣ summary | You plan on taking your boyfriend, Jungkook’s, virginity tonight.


release date: july 6th, 8:30pm PST

↣ sneak peek | Jungkook had been too brazen lately, his first clue taking the form of grabbing a handful of your ass while you were in the middle of a conversation with his roommate, Seokjin. At first, you convinced yourself he was simply jealous and marking his territory- or something of the sorts, even if he had nothing to be jealous of (men were always confusing to you anyway), but that notion quickly faded when he continued his antics. And now, it was getting harder and harder to contain your want for him. 

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