Am I the only one that HATES their red carpet …

Am I the only one that HATES their red carpet looks? I like Jimin’s and Hoseok’s but Jungkook’s coat is awful and poorly tailored. Atrocious. I feel like they’re all going to 7 different parties

I already wasn’t a fan of Celine’s spring 2020 collection so these are not my favorite red carpet looks from them. 
Can I also just say I loved the boy with luv outfits! Jimin’s looked like something he would actually wear to the airport 

I feel like they always put namjoon in such ri…

I feel like they always put namjoon in such ridiculous outfits like they always make him stand out but not really in a good way all the time..

can’t say I agree with you on this one. They’ve missed the mark with him before but so have they with other members. I can’t agree entirely because they’ve given him some amazing looks, some I can easily put in my top 10 favorites.

What are your thoughts on people saying that t…

What are your thoughts on people saying that the stylists show favoritism?? I feel like that’s not true at all like I don’t think they ever mean to be lazy with any members outfits

I don’t see that and trust me, I do pay attention to that. For every award show a different member has a “standout” piece, I never feel like it’s the same one. I also notice most times the stylists take into consideration what style looks good on each member (I know some people don’t think so but I personally see it even if sometimes they miss the mark. that’s bound to happen) for example, If they’re going to wear long coats, Namjoon usually gets one because that’s the kinda thing that looks good on him.

I think it's also because since big compa…

I think it's also because since big companies (like SM and YG) dont send their artists to award shows anymore and that's a big lost cause a big chunk of fans of those groups wont go, most of audience are ARMYs, other companies dont really want to invest money into the acts, so it's all on BTS. Like, they performed for 30min at MMA, while it was grand and extravagant, it was also a bit too much, while a lot others barely get any time

hmm I see what you’re saying 

I don't know how the industry works or wh…

I don't know how the industry works or why they decide to dress all the members in one brand but I kind of wish they wouldn't. Every award show a couple members look great, but then the rest fall flat and I just feel like it'd be better if they were allowed to wear things more suited to their personal styles and body type. Idk how much they get a say in choosing their outfits but I feel like wearing one brand really limits the options when you have 7 men with different styles and body types

usually it’s because the brand is sponsoring these outfits but I don’t know if this is the case for bts since a few article have come out saying the company buys the clothes, I’m not sure.

Why do i feel like award shows are so boring t…

Why do i feel like award shows are so boring this year? The lineup is lackluster (as in not that many group attended) just not that diverse. I'm probably more excited for the year end music festivals🙄

They’re definitely not what they were before and I don’t know if anyone is going to agree with me but I had this one thought while watching today, a lot is being put on bts’ shoulders to deliver these super long performances and save the show. the people in charge can’t just put minimal effort on the award show itself  just because you know a lot of people are going to tune in to watch them perform. It’s so conflicting, I’m so happy they’re finally getting the time to shine and show their talents especially when I remember how they used to be cut from these things but at the same time the award shows need to step their game up and not rely solely on them. This is not me throwing shade to any other group btw I’m only writing this from bts’ perspective, the critique is solely on the award show.

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