i saw the ask about someone saying you act kor…

i saw the ask about someone saying you act korean and it made me think about something: I'm trying to learn korean but i feel bad about using the korean that i have learned?? i kind of feel like i'm not allowed to because of stereotypes and people saying things like what was said to you. Do you know what i mean? (also you don't have to answer this)

i understand what you mean :c i’ve been learning and studying korean more after i graduated since i have a lot of free time now. not only that, i have korean friends in real life who taught me hangul and korean phrases since i was 11 because they simply wanted to ;~; i wasn’t even into kpop yet at that age xrdcftgvybhuj but anyways, thank you for sharing and don’t let other people affect a language you want to learn! 

i talked to several of my friends about this and we all agreed that it sucks that we can’t learn korean without being labeled as a “kboo” or so on… i think more people need to realize that people can learn korean, japanese, and so on without it being related to a “fan” side or cultural fetish :c many people learn new languages because they love the language/culture, want to expand their knowledge, or simply as a hobby. you don’t see other people going “omg you’re using english, you’re acting english” or “you’re using spanish/french, you’re acting spanish/french” now do you? instead when people learn those languages, people praise them for learning a new language and say that they too wish that they were bilingual. lol so why is it any different in this case? it sucks that people relate asian languages to cultural fetishes sigh anyways i’m done talking LOL 

y do u act korean on twitter

y do u act korean on twitter

i’m not though, i don’t know if you notice but most of my tweets are in english…. besides the hashtags (which is just the basic tagging system on twitter), i only used common/basic korean phrases like “cute,” “handsome,” “happy birthday,” or “congratulations”…. the only tweets that are different from those were when i said “seokjinnie,” “wow” or quoted the song lyrics…

Where do you get ts files? And what is AviSynt…

Where do you get ts files? And what is AviSynth for?

i used to get it from this one twitter user who posted files for bts but they tweeted a few weeks ago saying that they’ll no longer be posting any of bts’ ts files again T 0 T and they deleted the old links too :c (I’M REALLY SAD CAUSE THEY WERE MY GO TO! now i have to find new resources ;~;) and avisynth is a program i use for the files

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