Just wanted to stop by and say that I don&#039…

Just wanted to stop by and say that I don't know how you make so many gifs, but wow, I love you for it!! Thank you for always blessing my dash ❤❤❤ I hope you have a great day!

ahh it’s lovely messages like this that inspire me to continue making gifs ♡ thank you so much! hope you have a lovely day as well~ 

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totally off-topic, but i'm so sad you did…

totally off-topic, but i'm so sad you didn't answer my dm ;_; i wanted to make new friends! lol, i'm just kidding, it's totally fine, you probably didn't notice

Omg I’m sorry! I really need to go trough my dms then ;; I’ll answer now and hopefully I’ll answer to the right message. 😅

Hi! I'm sorry for asking so many question…

Hi! I'm sorry for asking so many questions, but you're the only person I've seen talking about the subject so far. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. Do you know how this lottery-tickets rumor started (if it's actually a rumor)? Is there any indicative bighit will actually apply this system to concerts in countries other than Korea? I reread the info about the fan club and they stated that the lottery would give access to tickets for domestic concerts (so, in korea, I'm assuming?). +

+ I really hope they don’t do that in other countries. Ppl in my country don’t even have money to buy army bombs. If bighit thinks this thing can remotely work in countries like mine, I have bad news for them (unless they decide to exclude us from the world tours. In that case, we’re the ones who are gonna be screwed lol)

Hii. They said it. See articles from yesterday here: x and there is also a video where they talking about their plans: x
They better not do it then.

hey, i didn't mean to offend or anything….

hey, i didn't mean to offend or anything. i must have misread your first answer. i was just saying that poor people, as always, have less and less chances to see the boys from a decent seat, if not to see them at all. that's it, there's no need to attack

You didn’t offend and I’m not attacking, I was just saying how it is. Should’ve worded it better but it’s okay, it’s cleared out now.

I'm just saying that also people who work…

I'm just saying that also people who work has things to pay for in life, things that go beyond a concert, you know, important things… sorry, I didn't know you were one of those people who think that everything is about bts. Anyway, capitalism is not a good thing, not even when it offers you something that gives you joy. :/

And I know that, you said only rich people can afford it. Having a job doesn’t mean you automatically can afford all that, but a lot of people goes to a concerts/buys stuff if they can even tho they are not rich. And if you think I’m one of those people, you are wrong and idk from what you drew that conclusion. Capitalism sucks and bighit is money hungry,wbk.

What's this lottery ticket system?

What's this lottery ticket system?

It’s a ticket system bighit had for muster in june and now final concert in seoul. You enter a raffle for a concert ticket and few days later is the announcement and you see if you won the ticket or not. You can get only one ticket and you can’t resell it (because of ID on the ticket; they are very strict with that).

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